About A Lyons Heart


A Lyons Heart podcast was thought of and made for people who are looking for encouragement , inspiration, love and topics to relate to as well has a platform to help us all think bigger on new levels. On this podcast you will find laughter, food for thought and most of all heart! Amongst many other beautiful uplifing notions.

your host

Kimberly Lyons is a mother, wife, sister, friend and person whom wears many other hats. Who loves people and connecting with them. This podcast will be a way she, and her family and friends can reach out and make connections with people all over. She is a total people person whom has a true passion for helping others as well as offering encouragement. She is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ whom is the head of her life in which she gains understanding and wisdom.


This podcast is about finding inspiration, gaining wisdom, uplifting and helping one another to find a way to create our own lanes going at our own pace, finding beauty in our selves, finding light in the darkness and humor in the dramatics of life. Powering through times of trouble and our storms. As the lion does in the wild.